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Polymer Technologies Finishes the Year by Hitting the Road!

By Robert Prybutok

Happy New Year! We were happy to escape the cooler temperatures of our headquarters in Newark, Delaware to attend POWER-GEN International in sunny Las Vegas. Fortunately for our customers, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when it comes to innovative products for energy management. In this newsletter, you’ll find solutions for noise, vibration, and temperature control problems. See what’s happening at Polymer Technologies as we kick off the New Year!

Polymer Technologies Exhibits at POWER-GEN International


This past December, we had a great time at the POWER-GEN International trade show in Las Vegas, where we met power generation industry leaders and innovators from around the globe. Polymer Technologies is pleased to be part of the annual trade show, presenting industry-leading energy management solutions that help major power generation companies become more efficient and profitable.

We showcased several lines of products geared toward solving the noise, vibration, thermal control and air/fluid transfer problems that many companies in the power generation industry face. Our line of energy management solutions are designed for (but not limited to) engine enclosures, isolation mounts, gaskets, service hatches, and plenums.

To learn more about the materials we showcased at POWER-GEN International, see our solutions.


Product Spotlight: Energy Management Solutions

Over the years, Polymer Technologies has worked with major manufacturers to create energy management solutions that tackle common noise, vibration, and temperature control problems.


Anti-Vibration Mounts for Vibration Isolation

We carry a range of elastomeric solutions for vibration and shock isolation that are manufactured in-house by our Elastomeric Solutions Divisions (ESD), including our ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® anti-vibration mounts.

By absorbing excess shock and vibration, our anti-vibration mounts reduce unwanted noise and increase the comfort of operators, drivers, and passengers. Our ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® mounts are suitable for use in engines, generators, off-highway equipment, and construction equipment.

To learn more about our vibration isolation mounts, visit our website.


Acoustical Foam for Noise Control

For noise reduction, we offer a variety of POLYDAMP® acoustical foam products. One of our most popular acoustical foam solutions is POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam (PMF). This lightweight insulation material is exceptionally resistant to heat, low flame propagation, and smoke.

Known for its excellent thermal and acoustical insulation properties, POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam is a sought-after solution for the aerospace, mass transit, and power generation industries.

To learn more about POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam, visit our website.

Employee Spotlight: Archana Kakirde

We are happy to announce that Archana Kakirde recently stepped into the role of Quality & Manufacturing Engineer and is the newest member of our team at our Polymer Molded Product Facility (PMP) in Northern New Jersey. Her day to day duties includes implementing and monitoring Polymer Technologies’ Quality Management System. Archana’s primary goal is to work with our production team to help develop solutions and resolve quality issues as they arise.

It’s incredibly exciting to have Archana join the team as her passion for quality assurance and polymer compounds are inspiring. We are looking forward to Archana working hand in hand with our PMP team to help solve customer energy management problems.

Things You may Have Missed

Polymer Technologies understands how important it is to be in control of vibration. As a leading manufacturing company, we pride ourselves on developing the most reliable solutions for vibration isolation, noise reduction, and temperature control. Find out the biggest benefits of using our line of revolutionary isolation mounts ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® on our blog.

On The Road Again

POWER-GEN International
December 4-6, 2018 | Orlando, Florida, USA
See Polymer Technologies at the world’s largest power generation event!

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